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Principles of Static Electricity -- How to Remove Static

Westmont now offers a high density nylon anti-static brush for combination contaminant removal and static dissipation.

RoHS Compliant
Anti-Static Brushes

Custom-Designed Static Eliminator Brushes

Static problems routinely occur within a wide variety of equipment and processes. Static is often at fault when material flow is disrupted within equipment. Customizing a solution to YOUR particular static elimination problem is at the heart of what Westmont offers.

A static eliminator brush should be evaluated as a first solution for a variety of reasons. As a passive device (no power required) a static eliminator brush has 100% reliability, is very low cost, and can be manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific needs.

Design engineers may choose from a variety of static elimination brush configurations including:

  • Straight (flat) channel frames
  • With or without grounding leads
  • U-channel frames

All frames can be produced in stainless steel, brass or copper.

Anti-static fiber choices include:

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon
  • Anti-Static OR Conductive Nylon
  • High Density Nylon

NOTE: all fibers are extremely soft and will not scratch or mar surfaces!

Numerous fiber lengths and densities are available.

Post fabrication modifications can include:

  • Bends
  • Mounting holes
  • Notches
  • Mounting adhesive tape
  • Sub assembly to finished part
  • Attached Grounding wires and Terminal Ends

For non-OEM applications, stock static brushes are also available for an off-the-shelf solution to static dissipation requirements. At Westmont Inc, we are constantly striving to offer new products that will serve your needs. To this end, we are proud to offer our new high density nylon anti-static brush, which is perfect for combination contaminant removal and static dissipation.

Custom prototypes are typically available for you in one to two weeks. You can count on delivery of production quantities from under 100 pieces to thousands per month. We take pride in meeting our customer's delivery requirements - no matter how exacting! We provide our customers with a wide variety of manufacturing approaches giving you the most economical final cost available.

Please call or email us for help designing a system to eliminate static that is right for your application. To receive a example of a static brush or ask questions just click here. If you would like to purchase stock dimension static brushes please visit